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Natsuga Reisa is a 15 year old girl who moves school. Her mother sent her to some acquaintences, but surprise her!They're two brothers and her mother told them she would have to work for them as maid to pay the favor! With time hidden secrets from the past are recovered. What will happen?

September 17th, 2007, 12:29 pm

Updates Schedule

A treat for 21 fans and going up: Yuu is the sweetness. You'll know it soon along his chapter :3 Thank you for the kind comments on my skills. I hope you soon will get even more interested with the story. Because it's sweet! XD

Now that I'm back to school and with my routine the updates will be every week!!! :D I'll soon create a newsletter for you to be notifies of updates :3

August 23rd, 2007, 1:27 pm

First Pages!

Hi there to everyone!!
This is the first submission of pages!
It took a long time to actually organize out the last preparations for the first pages, so I've worked myself out this whole week :3
Currently page 5 is being drawn, and for now the updates won't be consistent. Though I am hoping that once I start school again and organize its schedule I'll be able to post at least 2 pages a week and other peeks for you :D
Hope you people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy to make it!
Take care!!

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